What is an AdWord Campaign?

An AdWord Campaign is one of the fastest and most effective methods to gain web visibility. By being placed high within a Google Search result 'Sponsored Links' section, this gives your website great visibility that allows it to stand out among the rest. With a well-constructed AdWord Campaign, you could begin to see increased consumer-relevant traffic to your website almost immmediately!

Why are they important to me?

RESULTS! A well constructed AdWord campaign can give your organization the exposure needed within the most time-effective span possible.

More importantly, you have direct control over your results, and your budget. This means your campaign can grow proportionally with your new traffic; never costing you more than you plan for. All of this, while being able to immediately begin driving targeted and consumer-relevant traffic to your website.

How do I get started?

Give us the ball. We can help!

Either contact us for a free consultation or fill out the order form to the right so we may have a more constructive idea of how we can customize your AdWord Campaign. If increased web-traffic is what you seek, wait no longer. Let us help you build your AdWord Campaign today!


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* - AdWord Campaign Construction Cost $499.99. Initial 30 days of account support and optimization after account construction included. Subsequent support after 30 day trial period will incurr a reoccurring $200/month service fee until services are disconnected from Elite Marketing Company and its affiliated staff. Payment is due upon completion and acceptance of terms and conditions set forth in customer invoice once initial consultation has been completed by Elite Marketing Company Staff personell.

No Charges can nor will be incurred before customer consultation & invoice has been isssued.

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