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Frequently Asked Questions Area
General FAQ

How/When am I charged for my order?


When the order is completed to the satisfaction of the customer and the terms and conditions of the signed contract agreement. The specific cost and any possible amendments and stipulations should be clearly outlined and explained within your contract paperwork before you entier into agreement and make your deposit.

Graphic/Logo Development

What is a .PDF File?

The .PDF File extension means that these files in particular are opened with Adobe Reader. So you will need to download that program in order to view these types of files. Other Adobe programs such as Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop can open these types of files as well and depending on how the files were saved, may even be editable as well. The Designer assigned to your file would be able to help you discern what capabilities your file type has. Just ask!

What is an .Ai file?

The .ai file extention directly correlates with the Adobe Systems software program called Illustrator. This program primarily works in vector graphic rendering and is most commonly used in logo concept and design. You will need Adobe Illustrator for file types such as these.

What is a .psd file?

A .PSD File extension is akin to the Adobe program called Photoshop and a common file that you will see in usage when working with many, if not all, design firms. It is the file containting the raw data which essentially allows the designer to ‘manipulate’ the image information before creating the final product.

What is an .INDD File?

An .INDD File extention is related to files that open with the Adobe Program called InDesign. InDesign is primarily used for page layout and design for press kits, magazine articles, digital media etc.

Website (Design/Upgrades/Optimization)

Why shouldn’t I use a lot of Flash in my website?

While flash adds a lot of interactivity and quality to a website, site that are constructed primarily of flash content are not as visible to the Google Spiders that "crawl" web pages for relevant content based off of the quieried Google search conducteed by the user (and perhaps a potential client). Unless your website already has a prolific presenece on it’s own or a consistent stream of web traffic, it is in our professional recommendation that you compile your website of primarily well-constructed D/XHTML, Javascript, and PHP. Stick with what works!

Also, Mac based computer platforms are increasing in popularity on a daily basis (iPhone, iPad, iTouch etc...). Mac doesn’t like flash. We blame Steve Jobs. While strongly worded letters are continually being drafted, we don’t suggest missing out on potential traffic due to simple browser incompatability issues.

Can I update my sites content without help?

Well that depends on your currently level of experience with web development.If you hired us to build your website for you or are considering doing so, it’s probably because you may not feel quite comfortable enough to go through all of the garbldy-gook on your own to figure out which files to switch, what sizes and file type they need to be and so one and so forth to ensure the new upload doesn't interfere with the existing surrounding content.

Naturally, we would suggest that you allow us to handle this for you. However, if your website isn't as concerned about security and there aren't any potential conflicts with your back-end scripting, there are always alternatives such as WordPress and CMS web systems. They are very user frieendly and allow you to update your website from wherever you have access to the internet. These packages will soon be available to our customers as well; we just need to move a few things around.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

How long should I expect to wait before I see results?

0Search Engine Optimization is a long term investment into your company's visibility and traffic prospect/filtering. Proper SEO begins with standards compliant construction of your website along with focused supplemental implementations of alternative text within your website to ensure that the traffic that finds your website is relevant. This will eventually lead to repeat customers since now they that you have what they are looking for.

AdWords Campaign

Why aren’t my Ads appearing?



  • Your daily budget has been exceeded/exhausted
  • Your CPC is too low (What’s this?)
  • Your Ad was not approved (What’s this?)

I saw my add when I inititally searched for in on Google, but when I searched again, it wasn't there. Why?



  • Your Ad was not approved (What’s this?)
  • Your daily budget was set lower than the recommended amount (Also, remember that by clicking your own Ad, you're technically charging yourself!!)
  • Keyword performance may need re-evaluatiuon - please complete this form and contact your AdWords Account Manager.

What happens if a competitor clicks on my Ad?

0Google has software in place to allow the tracking and prevention of "invalid clicks" due to repeat inquires by same or regionally similar IP addresse and you will be refunded for the invalid clicks!

How often am I being billed?


There are a few different ways to be billed. Here are a few:

  • Billing Method 1: Pre-Pay Billing(What’s this?)
  • Billing Method 2: Post-Pay Billing(What’s this?)

Overall, depending on what option you opted for when you account was originally created will ultimately determine which plan is put into effect for your billing. If you still have questions, please complete this form and we will be in touch with you shortly.