Alright! So here we are...

Balancing anxiously on the edge of greatness. Take a look through the steps to see how the process develops. The more you know, the more you....well....know.

The Sit Down...

We like to make sure that we have all of our ducks in a row. The whole idea is that we capture your ideas accurately so that we can reflect that in your final product. This is where we start posing questions like:

  • The overall scope and purpose of your project
  • Your target demographic
  • The idea behind your message
  • Content - what do you want to include?
  • Delivery
  • etc...

The further you elaborate on these questions before you sit down with us, the faster we can move into the developmental stages of your project.

Review of Contract & Terms

Once we have come to the point where we believe we are all on the same page, we can talk dollars and sense.

  • Checkpoints/Deadlines
  • Project budget
  • Overall scope and content
  • Contract - restrictions & guidlines
  • Downpayment (30% - 50% of total projected/quoted cost req’d)

We do require a deposit/downpayment on the projected cost or quote that was given to you after step 1 before we get going. We will sit down and sort through your contract to ensure everyone is in agreeance with the your terms, timeframes and conditions before our designers are unleashed to go bonkers with the commencement of your project.

If for some reason the project is cancelled before the contract has been fulfilled, we will refund your deposit only (25% of total downpayment or just total man-hours worked; whichever is less.)

Preliminary Work-up & accuracy check

We like to inspire thought as much as any other; so it is here that we double check our compass and make sure it is still pointed due north. Or....whichever direction your success may be headed.

Also, for most accounts our clients is given access to a test server where you can review the progress of your work wherever you can manage to secure a internet signal. Convenient, huh? Just like microwaveable pizza puffs.

Final checks and last minute implementations

“Oh wait wait!! Can we add this in there too???”. We hear this all too often so it is at this point that we can say YES, yes we can. Last minute changes and additions are simply things that make us human.

SO - feel free to let your most creative thoughts escape you until this point. We were actually counting on it.

Delivery & Project Conclusion....and possibly a party.

By this point, anticipation to see your final product has built to the point where you are now beside yourself with glee. If this is the case, we have party poppers and soda standing by (disclaimer: we‘re just kidding. Party poppers weren‘t written into the business budget. But if you ask, we will see what we can do). Now, you can marvel at your new wonder and allow your thoughts to escape to your next big venture which we too hope we can still help you out with.

Once the contract has been fulfilled:

  • Final Payment is submitted
  • Rights & licenses for content and product are given to customer
  • Hand shakes and congratulatory acts of the sort

It‘s going to hurt to see you go, but our journey has found it‘s fruitful end! Hopefully you will come back to see us soon. If we haphazardly run into you before that, please understand that we were certainly not up to our usual shenannigans and that it was simply the laws of fate telling you that you need to hire us again for something. We’re supersticious like that.